Benefit of Single Sourcing

• Working with one recruiting firm reduces interruptions in your workday and saves you lost time and money.

• Single sourcing means you only have to train one recruiter to understand your company and its culture.

• One designated recruiting firm can dedicate itself to learning about the culture of your company and look beyond the "one time hire." Instead the recruiter becomes familiar with all the levels of your company, the players and the long-term goals each department may have, i.e. "The Big Picture."

• Single sourcing your recruiting needs also enhances the recruiter's loyalty and commitment to you. The possibility of repeat business allows the recruiter to spend quality time working on your projects instead of searching for new accounts.

• Your commitment allows a recruiter to keep candidates exclusive to your search instead of trying to increase the odds of hire by sharing candidates amongst many projects. This helps avoid the inevitable bidding battle between employers for the best candidates.

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