Get What You Pay For

• Recruiters present their best candidates to employers who are willing to pay for quality and professionalism.

• When top-notch candidates are found, a recruiter will call his most loyal clients first, i.e. (those that offer exclusivity and or have committed to a long-term partnership)

• Paying flat or low fees may make you feel good about your negotiating abilities but this practice does not give a recruiter any incentive to work hard for you or present you with the best candidates available. A recruiter will naturally present the best candidates to the companies that pay for quality.

• Corporate growth may be stunted by mediocre employees. The costs are high when you hire less than the best.

• There are many recruiters that will work for discounted fees. The only drawback is that they will only show you discounted candidates.

• If you are disappointed with high turnover or poor performance from your staff, examine your policies concerning recruiters and modify them where needed.

• If recruiters consistently present you with less than qualified candidates and do not seem to be paying attention when you express your needs, examine the incentives you are offering the recruiter.

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Wolfcreek Consulting is an executive search firm, specializing in placing professionals in placing Healthcare, Finance, Sales, Information

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Our Mission is to become the country's preferred and preeminent provider of human resources solutions..

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