Short or Long Term Temporary

Wolfcreek Consulting is highly qualified in order to fill in short and long-term temporary workers for your business. We find it important that your temporary placement agency be able to have the resources to find the people you need- when and where you need them. Wolfcreek places temporary employees with premier companies across the country, as well as small to mid-sized corporations.

Long Term Temp

Wolfcreek Consulting will place a contract for 2 weeks or longer within your organization. A long-term contract employee is helpful during a vacation, maternity leave, a special project, or a trial for a position that your firm is considering adding to its staff.

Short or Long-term Temp

Wolfcreek Consulting can help place a contract employee for any one week or longer temporary positions within you company. A short or long-term could include vacation, maternity leave fill-in, special project assistance, or an experimental job that your company is considering. Contract placement positions are a great way to grow your capability with very little risk or commitment.

The benefits of using our placement agency for temporary positions are numerous:

  • We meet your specific needs with flexible and responsive temporary placement workers.
  • Fills a variety of industries and needs in short or long notice.
  • Staffing support when and where you need it.
  • We ensure our employees have the skills needed to succeed on the job.

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Wolfcreek Consulting is an executive search firm, specializing in placing professionals in placing Healthcare, Finance, Sales, Information

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Our Mission is to become the country's preferred and preeminent provider of human resources solutions..

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