Chief Compliance Officer

Posted 7 months ago

Job Summary: Lead and oversee Broward Health’s compliance programs to ensure adherence to laws, regulations, and governmental obligations. Ensure compliance with billing regulations, privacy laws, and other requirements. Collaborate with leadership to promote ethical principles and resolve compliance issues. Support Broward Health’s compliance and ethics program.


*Master’s degree required.

*10 years of related experience.

*Certification in healthcare compliance, internal auditing, or related fields.


  1. Provide exceptional service to internal and external customers.
  2. Foster collaborative teamwork.
  3. Take accountability for positive outcomes.
  4. Encourage innovation and operational improvements.
  5. Value employees and the community.
  6. Develop and implement a comprehensive compliance and privacy strategic plan.
  7. Manage compliance operations and monitoring.
  8. Provide leadership in compliance, privacy, and ethics.
  9. Manage financial aspects related to compliance.
  10. Oversee human resources and support employee engagement.

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