WolfCreek always presents appropriate solutions for our client’s specific needs. Our clients usually find that each need within their company requires a unique solution. And we frequently work with a single client on different options simultaneously, in order to fill and manage crucial executive positions within their companies.

Our priority search criteria are to retain and engage at all staffing levels where the need is significant and timing is critical. We consider ourselves our clients’ partners and use an advanced, tailored comprehensive search and selection process that enables us to make the best matches for you.

Human Resources
Consulting Services

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Compensations Consulting
  • HR compliance audits


  • Permanent Executive Search
  • Temporary Staffing
  • CEO, COO, CFO, Controller, Marketing, Sales, HR, IT, and Operations
  • Department Head and Manager Search
  • Finance, HR, Operations, Marketing, Technology, and Academia

Permanent Placement

We have the experience you need to find your next chief executive officer, controller or marketing manager. Our thorough screening and placement service will help create a stronger team of professionals for any company!

Temporary to Permanent Placement

WolfCreek has the perfect candidate for you. Whether looking to find that one-and-only fit or needing someone temporary, we have what it takes!

Temporary Placement

The temporary help you need can be found in our pool of talented individuals who are eager to jump into action.

Contract Employee Placement

WolfCreek’s pool of talent is deep and we can help you find the best fit for your company. Contact us today to learn more about our contract employee services!